Girl Marriage Right In Age Will Change & PM Modi Full Details Open 2020

Girls Marriage Right in age will change & PM Modi full details.

Saluted the daughters of the country giving his speech from the Red Fort. Meanwhile, PM Modi said that the government was reviewing the age of marriage of girls.

Appropriate decisions will be made based on the age of marriage of the daughters 
Saluted the daughters of the country giving the speech
The government is reviewing the age of marriage of girls

The PM said a committee has been formed on what should be the appropriate age for marriage of girls. with the arrival of his report, a proper decision will be taken regarding the age of marriage of the daughters 

PM Modi said that the country's 40 crore Jandhan Accounts have been opened. Of which about 22 crore accounts belong to women. During the Corona Period, in April, May and June, About 30,000 crore rupees were directly transferred to the women's account. In India today. women are working in underground coal mines and flying from fighter jets to skies

PM Modi said that our experience says that whenever women power in India gets a chance, they have brightened the name of the country. Has strengthened the country. He said the government has worked on giving pregnant women 6 months leave with celery, triple divorce or giving freedom to women. Our government is constantly concerned about the health of poor daughters

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